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If  music  equals  life…  I  will  live  forever.”

-Juakeen Anomaly-

Who is Juakeen Anomaly

Juakeen Anomaly Aka Buttafingaz U Botch is Joe Father, Joe Grandfather, Joe Joog, Joe Crush,

Joe Fantasy, Joe Plug, Joe Future Mistake. Imagine fighting a grizzly bear while your wearing

boxing gloves blind folded, on one foot, while trying to defuse a bomb tripping on LSD.

That’s what its like experiencing  Juakeen Anomaly. He is not of this world nor like anyone

or anything on this planet. Juakeen Anomaly can not be measure by a Richter scale or barometer

so don’t try. If there was one word that described Juakeen Anomaly, it would be “oddity” 


Don’t Follow in someone else’s footsteps, create your own footsteps for someone else to follow in.”

~Juakeen Anomaly~

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